Real estate has made the most millionaires in the world

Learn how to make 100 000 $ to 400 000 $ additional income every year flipping canadian houses

Your living in Canada, working 9 to 5 and trying to provide to yourself and your family? I can relate because that was exactly my situation 3 years ago. I was exhausted, working 60 hours a week as a district manager helping the business owners to make more money. I had these dreams and I knew i had the potential to become wealthy like so many canadians with fancy cars, big houses and the ability to work 5-10 hours a week and be my own boss. I wanted to change my situation once for all. One day I knew I had to risk it all. I left my job in the end of December, right before Christmas, and took a one-way flight ticket to the western Canada in the hope to find a way to be successful. That’s where I met a real estate agent, he trained me, then I did my real estate degree and my life changed forever.
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There’s thousands of people in your area doing house flip every month

Don’t guess anymore on what’s working to reach financial freedom and what’s not.

Just like these successful house flippers, i learned the secrets of real estate house flipping as an official Realtor, member of the canadian real estate association. Your goal after learning the Flip Academy program is to make 2 house flips the first year to earn 100 000+ $. The faster you expand the higher income you will earn.

Welcome to your new life

Join the biggest Canadian house flippers community

There’s thousands of canadians in your area doing house flips every weeks. According to statista, the number of houses sold in 2020 in Canada will reach over 483200. Take a piece of that market and follow our method (anyone can use) to avoid costly mistakes and succeed. That’s the same reason why 80% of billionaires had success with real estate. The Canadian Real Estate Flip Program is the EXACT technique I’m using to achieve financial freedom.

Learn how to flip real estate with little money and no prior experience

  • Learn how to make 6-7 figures flipping real estate

  • Easy to use method to avoid costly mistakes and succeed

  • Find the best ready-to-flip houses that require minimal work

  • Learn how to get the down payment and financing

  • Course designed to delegate most tasks to your team (worth 1297$)

  • How to get a free notary ( worth 1000$ )

  • BONUS: Spreadsheets for cost estimates, for investors, etc (worth 300 $)

  • BONUS: How to improve your credit score

  • BONUS: Lifetime 100% free course updates (worth 1500$)

  • TOTAL VALUE: 4097 $

Course preview & lessons

  • 1

    Motivation & Focus

    • Your first step to success has begun
    • Good reasons to become rich by flipping Canadian houses
    • The most important part
    • FREE Organization APP Download
    • Quick survey - What is your level of determination to succeed
  • 2

    Master your local market

    • Know your local market like a real estate agent
    • The different type of flips
  • 3

    Financing your first flip

    • Financing your first flip
    • Create a business plan
    • How will you finance your first house flip?
    • Business plan investor spreadsheet download
    • Improve your credit score
    • Credit Karma APP Download
  • 4

    How to find the good flips

    • Find the house flipping opportunities in your area
    • 70% Formula
    • 70% Formula Excell Spreadsheet download
  • 5

    Purchase negociations

    • Purchase negociation
  • 6

    House renovations

    • Renovations of the property
    • It’s time to buy the materials
    • Renovations cost spreadsheet download
  • 7

    Selling your first flip

    • It’s time to put the property on the market
    • A successful open house
  • 8

    You made 50-100k, what’s next ?

    • Scale and reach the millionaires club

Time left before 2020 begins

Close your first flip and earn 50 000 $ before the end of the year

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Yes i want to be successful

It will require 5 hours per week to succeed

If your not willing to do a minimum effort or your not motivated then this is not for you


  • Can I make house flips on my own ?

    Yes, absolutely. In fact, your not gonna be on your own. You can simply ask your local realtor to join you in the process. He will handle all the paperwork and the whole process, from sourcing the deals according to your request (from our training), scheduling the visits and negociating on your behalf. You can leverage the people you know as well for the financing or partner with someone but keep in mind that your net profit will be split by 50% with a partner.

  • Does the program really work?

    If you follow our training, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work. There’s already thousands of people doing house flip right now in your area making 6-7 figure a year. We offer a 7-day money back guarantee because we are confident in our program.

  • Does it works outside of Canada ?

    People become wealthy with real estate in every country of the world. Yes, it works outside of Canada. This program has been tailored for the Canadians, but most of the techniques you will learn can be applied in other countries.